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The Young Consumer Program – Citizens Alert

The Young Consumer Program is a community driven activity that extends the boundaries of home and the classroom in an effort to transform the process of educating young learners for the remainder of the 21st century and beyond.

In 2010 most states have agreed on Common Core National Standards that define what students should know and be able to perform. In the 2014 school year most states will test the students in grades 3 through high school on how well students have met the expectations of the new standards.  Our focus at ShopRite Supermarkets is to provide a starting point for parents, local neighborhood businesses, community organizations and citizen volunteers to engage in this most important reform.

Our concern is the lack of understanding and involvement by the general public on this most important issue.  We are worried that the National Standards movement will be shelved like so many other reform efforts such as Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Goal 2000, and America 2000.

According to Education Week magazine two new polls aiming to capture the American public’s view of the state of K-12 education, one finding is clear:  Most of those surveyed are clueless about the Common Core State Standards.  Sixty-two percent of all respondents had never heard of the common core, and awareness among public school parents was not much better at 55 percent.  In a separate survey, which polled parents of K-12 students, 52 percent said they knew little or nothing about the common core, even though educators have begun putting the more rigorous standards in English/language arts and math into practice in classroom in the majority of states and school districts.

The Young Consumer Program emphasizes the knowledge children require to perform well on these new tests.  The new Common Core Standards and Assessment (PARCC) are not just for the students and their teachers; they must be for all citizens.  We strongly suggest that you review the samples tests that are now available on line.  For more direction, please read the next page PARCC releases new sample items newsletter.

Information on PARCC Assessment is located here



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