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Thank You Letter

Here, here!!!The feedback that we got from students, teachers, and parents today was
just great.  The kids loved the opportunity to be in your store and shop
and problem solve, and they all came back so excited.

I asked a few of them what they thought when they originally heard that
they were going to Shop Rite.  To say that they were skeptical would be an
understatement. I asked those same kids how they felt now that the trip was
over and they LOVED IT!!!  They loved the food and the cookies.  Everything
about it was positive.

Thanks for running this program and I can’t wait until next year when I can
go with my daughter! (who will be a third grader and will go to the
Mansfield Shop Rite) and bring our kids back again.

Have a great day!

Eric S. Renfors, Principal
Kennedy Elementary School


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