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Lambertville Public School has been participating in the Young Consumer Program for the last several years, and it is by far one of the most memorable experiences that students have here. It is a wonderful program that offers enriching math experiences to all students.  The Young Consumer Shopping Challenge is real-world problem solving at its best. In order to complete the challenge, the students have to work together as a team to design menus that satisfy healthy nutrition requirements, stay within a strict budget, and track their purchases while actually shopping in a store. By physically shopping for items at ShopRite, students get concrete life experience where math is directly integrated. The Young Consumer staff are seasoned educators that challenge students to think critically both in classroom visits and during the store visit. In addition to the in-store shopping experience, Young Consumer also provides lots of physical and digital math materials for further enrichment in the classroom. I am so glad that our school participates in this fantastic program and look forward to sharing this experience all future 4th grade students.

Peter Braynor – 4th Grade Math Teacher – Lambertville Public School



Here, here!!!

The feedback that we got from students, teachers, and parents today was
just great.  The kids loved the opportunity to be in your store and shop
and problem solve, and they all came back so excited.

I asked a few of them what they thought when they originally heard that
they were going to Shop Rite.  To say that they were skeptical would be an
understatement. I asked those same kids how they felt now that the trip was
over and they LOVED IT!!!  They loved the food and the cookies.  Everything
about it was positive.

Thanks for running this program and I can’t wait until next year when I can
go with my daughter! (who will be a third grader and will go to the
Mansfield Shop Rite) and bring our kids back again.

Have a great day!

Eric S. Renfors, Principal
Kennedy Elementary School

As a parent and having gone through the program with my oldest daughter and looking forward to the program again this year, it is one of the best programs I have experienced. The Shop-Rite program allows the students to apply their everyday math skills while dealing with economic challenges some families face. The students have to make healthy choices as well as stay within a budget. As a parent, watching the students process the information, work as a team and make decisions is a rewarding experience. The students are excited and enthusiastic to participate in this program because they are the leaders. With their outstanding cooperation, the Shop-Rite and their employees make the learning experience upbeat and effective. I fully support this partnership program and would welcome other programs to help the students deal with everyday issues.

Jackie Sorel - President, Tinc Road School PTO

Ronetco Supermarkets’ (ShopRite) partnership with Tinc Road School has been very rewarding for us as a business that has close ties to the community that supports us every day. The third graders are our future associates and customers. The Young Consumer Program gives the students a jump start with their math and critical thinking skills and leaves a long lasting positive impression on them and their parents. We have found that parents have a very different view of our business after they have participated in the program. Many have expressed their surprise that we offer such comprehensive programs and thank us for bringing “Young Consumer” to their school. We’ve heard that the students who have gone through the program excitedly tell upcoming third graders or siblings that it was the “best trip ever.” Lastly, when we receive notes from the children that “they will be our customer forever,” we know we’ve made the right impression, not only for the future of our children, but for the future of our business.

Cathie Miller - Public Relations Administrator, Ronetco Supermarkets

The partnership between Tinc Road School and the Ronetco Supermarkets has greatly benefited our 3rd grade students both past and present. Witnessing the program since its inception has given me the opportunity to see students apply mathematics and problem solving skills to a “real-life” setting. It has encouraged strong parental participation and support as well as provided a great opportunity for students to interact with the parents in the weekly chore of purchasing groceries with nutritious choices in mind. It is an outstanding program of which we are proud to be a part of.

Dr. Richard W. Fair - Principal, Tinc Road School

“Compared to non-participating classrooms in the same school districts, students in classrooms where the Young Consumer Program was held have recorded the following:

•5% higher scores in Science

•15% higher scores in Math

•35% higher scores in Language Arts

•10% higher scores in Social Studies

These increases seem to be attributed to more engaged teachers and by the program generating new experiences with hands-on learning.

•100% of the teachers reported a drop in attendance problems.

•All teachers reported that student enthusiasm for the program was very high and they are very engaged in the classroom lessons.

•Most teachers saw increased parent involvement in their classrooms following the event.

•All programs continue to repeat as new students entered the fourth grade

•Stores remain connected to the schools as demonstrated by continued support.”

The “Young Consumer’s” Program supports student achievement through the fact it was specifically designed to strengthen students’ spatial and logical reasoning skills, motivate them to become independent learners and teach them to apply their understanding of these concepts both inside and outside classroom walls.  Using the New Jersey Core Content Standards and the latest in brain-based research, the program teaches students to discuss, solve and discover how math influences their everyday life. The activities developed for the program encompass all third grade New Jersey Math Core Content Standards while developing critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills, a component of Cross-Content Workplace Readiness. The school/parent relationship so critical to learning has been enhanced by our partnership with Ronetco Shop-Rite and the “Young Consumer’s” Program.

There are three components to the year-long “Young Consumer’s” Program. Students begin their experience early in the school year with a visit from an educational consultant to Ronetco Shop-Rite, Howard Herbert. Mr. Herbert exposes the class to a host of mathematical problems and learning experiences.  Probability, Fractions, Tangrams and a variety of other mathematical concepts are introduced and manipulatives used during the visit are left in the classroom to allow independent student exploration.  These and other new concepts are reinforced by the third grade teachers in the classroom.

The second component of the program is “Family Fun Night” where parents are invited to the school and introduced to the program by Shop-Rite representatives.  The Parents then go to their child’s classroom where, using centers, students teach their parents the mathematical concepts they have mastered.  Family Fun Night allows students to feel empowered and maintains a high level of interest in the program. The reputation and success of the program is evident in nearly 100% parental involvement.

The third and final component of the program is a field trip to Shop-Rite in Flanders.  Working in pairs, students prepare for the trip by creating a healthy menu for four days using nutrition information presented by Cathie Filomeno, Public Relations Administrator at Ronetco Shop-Rite.  The objective of the field trip is to shop for a nutritious, balanced menu for a family of four utilizing a $100 budget.  Half of the time at Shop-Rite is spent shopping, while the other half of the trip is spent visiting 10 problem-solving stations where students earn points for their thoughtful responses.  The trip allows student to use their mathematical knowledge in real-life situations and gives them a unique view of an activity they participate in outside of school.  The field trip facilitates thoughtful questions and allows students and their parents the opportunity to discuss math concepts through a shared experience, shopping for groceries.  The field trip requires about 60 parent volunteers and the collaboration of Shop-Rite personnel.  All third grade students at Tinc Road School enthusiastically participate and the field trip is attended and supported by the School Principal, Assistant Principal and various other teachers and support staff that volunteer their time to help.

Dr. Rosalie Lamonte - Superintendent - Mount Olive Public Schools