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Parents Be Aware

If your child is in the primary grades (pre-K through 5th grade) you need to be aware of a new National Assessment (end of the year test) based on the Common Core Standards adopted in 2010.  A new cycle of assessment has been slated for the 2014-2015 school year.  These tests will begin at grade 3 in language arts and mathematics.  Public and private schools have been working diligently in preparation for the new assessment (2014-2015).

ShopRite supermarkets have supported the Young Consumer Program for the past 15 years.  Its mission is to support learners to master what they need to know and be capable of doing both in their neighborhood classrooms as well as outside the walls of the classroom.

Never before has there been a need for parents and community to join their local school.  The ShopRite Young Consumer Program involves parents and community by participating in the program.  The time is now for community action.  Clearly it will take a village or a neighborhood.


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