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“I think, therefore, I am… Each problem that I solved became a tool which served afterwards to solve other problems.” Rene’ Descartes

OUR FOCUS is on children during the crucial development years of ages three through ten. Brain science and experience tells us that these years largely determine the brain’s potential for the critical thinking skills, attitudes, and behavioral habits in the lifelong years that follow.

By combining family fun, problem solving, and physical movement, young learners can condition their neural networks to improve memory, cognition, and emotion.  Our proven approach is based on recent brain research findings on how people learn plus many years of teaching and educational consulting. We call this way of exercising the brain “Cogmotion”.

The Cogmotion Program presents a variety of problem-solving activities, games, and puzzles that preceded radio, television, and computers. Most of the problems presented today are at least a century old; and some belong to ancient times…

Today our children are expected to know so much more than yesterday to navigate in a high tech, global society. Brain research and technological advances make it possible to study the human brain from within. We know that the wiring of our brain is different from our ancestors.

The questions we should be asking are:

  1. Are the children today more intelligent than their grandparents were at the same age?
  2. Is there anything parents and educators can learn from the past in helping the children develop their potential as thinking human beings?

We have many problems that will take you back to another time. Most of the problems were part of what families enjoyed and worked on together. It was the home that was the center for developing minds – not school.