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Highlights From Bristol, Connecticut

A 4th grade class in Southside School in Bristol, Connecticut has taken the pancake problem (Tower of Hanoi) to a new level.  The entire class practiced every day before school started.  Everyone in the class mastered 4 and 5 pancakes (that is 15 moves for 4 pancakes and 31 moves for 5 pancakes).  But, they did not stop there.  About one half of the class mastered 6 pancakes (which is 63 moves).  Eight students mastered 7 pancakes (127 moves).  Two students mastered 8 pancakes (255 moves).  The class also used a timer to work on the speed for 4, 5 and 6 pancakes.  They were so successful that this year they want to make a friendly challenge to schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to see how many pancakes can be mastered.


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