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How Children Learn: We’ve Done Some Research


Fast-paced, busy lives and stressful pressure for survival are robbing millions of parents of the time to nurture their children.  They need to cultivate their cognitive and emotional development in a loving, playful, and joy filled relationship. We can’t expect or depend upon others to be responsible for our children’s brainpower. School and expensive toys simply cannot replace the love and available time from parents and grandparents. Scientific findings emphasize the importance of play, conversation, and physical activity in the development of the brain’s ability to learn, think, and remember. According to Dr. John Ratey, Harvard Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, our physical movements call upon some of the same neurons used for reading, writing, and math. Most neurologists today see the body and the mind as one system. Abstract thought and pure feelings do not exist. Children who experience loving care and repeated reminders of their personal worth as well as positive values have their brains conditioned to think accordingly. This is why having fun in family brainplay is so important to the development of the mind.


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