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About Us

The Young Consumer Program (YCP) evolved over a twenty-year period by two educators who were in search of understanding mathematics that they did not really understand when they moved through their own education. Howard Herbert, a retired Superintendent of Schools, and Steve Megna, a technology teacher of the year in New Jersey, slipped through the educational system because they were good at sports, not stars in the classroom.

After many years of studying how the human brain functions, it became clear that they both experienced some learning difficulties that interfered with their classroom performance and SAT scores. It is because of their learning obstacles that led them to work together in designing creative lessons in hope of assisting young learners that have different learning styles. Their program is called The Young Consumer Program.  Steve Megna developed an expertise working with his hands.  He evolved from a wood shop teacher into a technology educator. Howard Herbert finished his career as a Superintendent of Schools in Bergen County. His ability to see the big picture from an organizational perspective served him well. Together their hands-on, minds-on collaboration has made the difference in developing the YCP.