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How Children Learn: We’ve Done Some Research

WHAT BRAIN RESEARCH TELLS US: Fast-paced, busy lives and stressful pressure for survival are robbing millions of parents of the time to nurture their children.  They need to cultivate their cognitive and emotional development in a loving, playful, and joy filled relationship. We can’t expect or depend upon others to be responsible for our children’s brainpower. School and expensive toys simply cannot replace the
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Highlights From Bristol, Connecticut

A 4th grade class in Southside School in Bristol, Connecticut has taken the pancake problem (Tower of Hanoi) to a new level.  The entire class practiced every day before school started.  Everyone in the class mastered 4 and 5 pancakes (that is 15 moves for 4 pancakes and 31 moves for 5 pancakes).  But, they did not stop there.  About one half of the
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Young Consumer Program: Looking Forward To A New Year

We hope you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to the 2012-2013 school year.  The 2011-2012 Young Consumer Program was the most productive and successful year to date (1998-2012).  Young Consumer participants exceeded 14,000 and that does not include the countless shopping spectators that share the store on the morning of the shopping visit. Our Cogmotion team, including Steve, Howie, Vicki, Ryan, Michelle
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